August 7, 2017

Bloc Jams is the first real project that I developed while taking the software developer track at Bloc. First time around I built it using HTML & CSS, followed by adding JQuery and Angular to add dynamic functionality. Then I made the appearance more visually appealing for mobile devices.


The main problem I encountered throughout the development process was learning how to use Git and GitHub, but this also provided the basis for uploading work through the medium. I am looking forward to developing more applications using these languages and improving my skills not only with Git and GitHub, but with Angular and JQuery as well.

Getting the music to play, having the seek bar move automatically as the song progressed, as well as having the seek bar manually change where you can start the song at, was probably the most challenging part of this project.


Bloc Jams was a great way to start off the Bloc program for me, I had never used Angular or JQuery and this was a great introduction to those languages. HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Angular are languages I would like to explore further.



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