Game Design and Development Graduate, Quinnipiac University

Hi, I am alex. I make games.


Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and Development from Quinnipiac University

HTML | CSS | Git | C# | JavaScript | jQuery | AngularJS

I am 26 years old from Summit, NJ. I have been programming for game development for almost five years now.  I have a BA in Game Design and Development from Quinnipiac University.


I have real-world coding experience with a foundation in video game design and development, in addition to web design.


At the same time, I am working on my own side project with a software company that I started, Maga Software Technologies LLC. I have developed a simulation to train students and faculty on how to respond in active shooter situations on college campuses. I currently have a working beta and will be finishing that up this year.



(908) 472-1059

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